Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Get Healthy Hustle!

It is great to have big dreams. I love my big dreams. But we also have to live today. I think if we aren't careful we can spend so much time focusing on our big future dream we can let today slip away without notice.

So knowing that my big dream is a few years down the road and that while I can work on it there is only so much I can do a this time, I have decided to have a Big Dream and a monthly hustle that I can work on at the same time.

My monthly hustle is to get healthy. Now losing weight is part of that of course. If you are 40 pounds over weight you can't get healthy without it getting thinner. But the weight lose isn't the main goal. The main goal is overall health.

 There are a few things I need to do to make this healthy me happen:

1. Lose weight by eating healthy foods

2. Exercise as many days a week as possible but a minimum of 4.

3. Take my blood pressure medication and allergy medication daily

4. Get a good nights sleep each night.

5. Drink at least 8 - 8 oz. glasses of water per day.

This is my plan for the month of April and my weight goal is 8 pounds lost.

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