Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hiding from the real Hustle

So I have been at this hustle thing for 7 months now. What have my "7" hustles been?

#1 - To do one productive thing a day
#2 - To follow my calendar to-do list each day .... Oh and to get healthy
#3- To find a job .... Oh and to get healthy
#4- To take the stained glass class and work on my "big dream" .... Oh and to get healthy
#5- To prepare my clothes and food for the week on Sunday to make my new job easier .... Oh and to get healthy
#6- Summer School started and my plan was to find a way to make it all work together .... Oh and to get healthy

Hmmm see a theme there ever since month 2? Notice each month the one thing that I could do that would have the most impact on my life is always my side hustle or an after thought. I am roughly 35 pounds overweight. I take medication for high blood pressure. My dad's ENTIRE family is diabetic. I can NOT continue to let this sit on the back burner.

So why am I?

Why isn't it my up front most important hustle?

Truth be told I don't need to "hustle" to do glass art. I LOVE to do glass art. (I was thinking of setting project goals for my glass work this month) What I need is to exercise, what what I eat, and get HEALTHY. I have listed it each month but I have never made it a priority. Truth be told I know why.

Because it is HARD!

Because I don't want to do it!

Because exercise sucks!

Because I don't want to give up eating the crap that made me this way!

Because *sigh* want to do the easy stuff and call it hustling. That is what I have always done. I can be fairly successful with out much effort. Successful enough to impress most people with what I have accomplished with out tackling the really hard stuff.

But this isn't like getting all A's in school but not pushing to be #1 ranked because all As were easy but I might fail if I try for #1. Or being the very best at my job because I can do it with my eyes closed but not putting in for a promotion because "what if I don't get it" Or being the very best right hand man anyone ever saw but never being the one in charge in case I mess everything up.

This isn't just me chronically underachieving because that is safe.

This is my HEALTH. This is DIABETES. This is HEART DISEASE. This is me not able to walk up stairs with out being winded. This is me not being able to enjoy parts of my life because my stamina sucks wind.

And right now at this moment this is me saying my hustle is to lose weight and get healthy PERIOD. There will be no other hustles side or otherwise until I am truly  honestly putting that first.