Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Big Dream!

Okay I am going to step out here and say what my Big Dream is. My husband and I have talked about it but we haven't shared it much with other people. Mostly just because it is far enough in the future to seem unreal, but also because it is like sharing part of your heart and that opens you up to nay-sayers.

There are parts of our dream that seem safe to share. We want to own a little property and build a little house (we actually want to build it ourselves).. We want to grow our own food and have chickens and few goats. None of that seems too terrible scary or extreme. I even have a blog about our planning and our journey The Homestead Journal. That dream is slightly different some people's but not too crazy or scary so that part we share.

But that isn't the big dream. The big dream is personal and sounds a little crazy to me. So for you to understand why it is crazy let me start by saying... I have never even done what I dream of. I have seen it and I have dreamed of it but I have never tried it. So how can I build a dream around something I have never even done? I don't know, but yet there it is. The one dream I keep coming back to over and over.

Let me explain myself a bit. I am is a crafter. I love color and pieces of things like fabric, glass, beads, paper, and yarn. I love putting things together and making things. There isn't a craft I won't do or try. Some of my favorite things are mandalas and kaleidoscopes. I love quilts but not the process of making them. I also love jigsaw puzzles and find them to be hugely relaxing.

All this came together for me a few years ago at an art show when I saw one particular artists work. It was long enough ago that I do not remember her name. I wish I did but it is what it is and I don't. But over the years my mind keeps going back to her work and how much I want to do what she did.

So all that was leading up to me getting the nerve to actually say it LOL and here it is..

My Big Dream is to have that little house on the piece of property with my chickens and my goats... with a stained glass art studio out back. I want to do stain glass art and stain glass mosaic art. I spend a stupid amount of time looking at patterns and thinking of what I would do considering the fact that I have never even done it. But for the first time in my life I can actually SEE the dream.

I can picture the studio. How it would be set up. I can see myself there. I would work on projects and teach classes. I know this sounds crazy since I have never even done any stained glass work however that is about to change. This weekend as a matter of fact. On Saturday I am taking the first in a series of classes to learn how to do stain glass art. I am so excited. I can't wait until Saturday.


  1. Love it! Go for it! You can do this and it will be wonderfully satisfying.

    1. Thank You Lisa! I can't wait until the class this weekend!

  2. Your dream isn't that far-fetched. You can totally do this!