Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 7: My Who.

This one is beyond easy for me. I have two "whos" first off the Hustle group on Facebook is amazing. They help hold me accountable, cheer me on when i have a win, and encourage me when I lose. So that group is one of my whos.

But my main Who is my husband Dan. I am so blessed to have him and believe me I am not kidding myself for a minute. I don't deserve him. He has hung in there with me as I went from idea to idea. He helps me research ideas. If what ever I am dreaming about is a two person gig he is more that happy to jump in and get his hands dirty. I couldn't design a better partner for me to go through life with.

He is a great husband and great father.


  1. That's awesome! From your profile on here, I finally found something we don't have in common: I'm not a fan of nascar. :) But football is my favorite sport, & I have an English loving to read is a given.

  2. I love me some football! I mostly love the experience of going to races. Watching them on TV is not that exciting.