Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hustle Up!

Most everyone who knows me knows that I am a dreamer. I love ideas above all things. I get excited about the possibilities that this life offers us on a daily basis. 

I like to say I am an optimist and that for me not only is the glass half full but the half I drank was OUTSTANDING! And while that is true it is my love of what is possible that allows me to see the bright side. 

However my dreams and my ideas never seem to lead to anything concrete. I have always lacked some small little thing that transferred my dream into something tangible and wonderful. I knew what was missing was focus. Something to keep me moving in the right direction and working on A dream or idea when there are so many out there to play with. But for me focus has always been in short supply.

It took another Dreamer to help me find that "thing" in a way that works for me. I m a very social person and what I needed was community. I needed to be surrounded by other dreamers who were moving forward towards goals. I needed a plan and accountability and to be perfectly honest, because I am me, I needed a cheering section. I needed people who would celebrate with me on small victories and cheer for me on the big ones!

I don't know what prompted Jon Acuff to start this crazy 30 Days of Hustle group but it is exactly what I needed. There are daily or weekly, depending on where you are in your journey, emails helping you to form a plan and giving little prompts to stay on task. There is the awesome Facebook group that gives the sense of community that I need.   Combined those give me a sense of being on an amazing journey with a group of fearless adventurers. That sense of community has allowed me to see how I could possibly move my dreams into my reality.

What I do know is that I am super excited about what the future holds and I can't wait for this month and a chance to Hustle Up!

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