Thursday, May 8, 2014

It is All in the Timing.

So, do you believe things happen when they are supposed to? So you think we can miss windows of opportunity that we just can't get back or does everything happen exactly the way it is supposed to?

What would you give to have 4 months off with pay to do nothing but work on your Hustle? I just had that time and I feel like I blew it. Some of you may remember that my hustle for the month of March was to find a j. o. b. Now that I am working everyday I am looking back on my time from December-March when I was on unemployment and I am so sad that I let that time slip away.

It doesn't matter that it was 4 months well spent since I didn't even know what my dream was before I signed up for that January Hustle. It doesn't matter that I met the goals I set for each month as I fleshed out the plan for what I really want my life to look like.

Now that I know how I want to spend my days I can't believe I let that 4 months slip away. I mean seriously can you imagine 4 months paid leave. Husting on your dream all day! How cool would that be? Now here I am coming home tired and trying to find an hour to hustle. Trying to balance my family time and my hustle time on the weekends.

Honestly I know my time wasn't wasted. It took me a month just to process the shock of the company we relocated half way across the country for shutting down with no notice. Then it took my first month of hustle to put myself back together again. Logically I know that, but still deep inside there is this voice that says "Think of all you could have created" "Think of all you could have learned" Think of how much further you could have been on your hustle" If only...

But I did not use that time to create physical projects. I used that time to recreate myself. And the simple fact is I can't get that time back. Would I do something totally different with my time now than I did for those 4 months? You had better believe I would because this hustle has changed who I am and what I believe I am capable of. It has allowed me to tie a vision to my dream. I can't get those 4 months back so I need to stop beating myself up about the wasted opportunity and get to Hustling now!

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